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Remind self to take care of oneself before caring for others. Cuz the fact is we are not that strong and no one would give a d*mn when you’re down.

Feelin’ sick, depressed, alone and helpless, but fighting to not take antibiotics. Sore throat, you have always been my worst enemy. – Read on Path.

#Startuplokal in workshop format. LiveOlive as the main speaker on financial projection. 120 ppl, 10 groups, 5 samples from startup entrepreneurs. Visit for tips on personal finance management. at Gedung Sapta Pesona – View on Path.

See what is WRONG about my playlist? There is uninvited guest from Apple. This is spamming to the core, indeed. Hmmm, I hope no more bands will get this treatment. Messing up my playlist and invading privacy. #whatsnew #appleU2 – View on Path.

At Fitness First Pacific Place

Had headache and just finished late lunch when I joined dynamic flow class. Weekend shifu was replacing the weekday shifu. And guess what? They taught differently, and weekday shifu’s students are not used to lots of hardcore (cardio) movements like weekend shifu taught. Although I was in lazy and bloated mood, I still could do hard movements that he asked us to do. Viva discipline and habits! :) – at Fitness First Pacific Place – See on Path.

We didn’t win today, but doesn’t mean that we’ve lost. Obviously, the #GITRID winners are quite established compared to the other 4 top start-ups; they already won other awards or expanded to other markets. Congratulations!

Efisheries has a biz idea that is suitable for GITR. They already have a tangible product & have sold to big companies like Charoen Pokphand (if Im not mistaken). They won wirausaha muda Mandiri. Meanwhile, 8villages also has been launched in 3 countries & recognized by several govt bodies. Nevertheless it was a fun competition. at @america – View on Path.

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