Watching Ruroni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno)

In overall, we both enjoyed the movie. 2.5 hours but really worth the watch, can’t wait for the nx part. Nice to be back healthy and not have to worry about health, isn’t it?
Health is truly the greatest gift that God can give us. When I was sick, I became more sensitive, less sharp, and careless/ unaware of my surroundings. I also spend much more to get delicious healthy meal and juice, but couldn’t enjoy the eating at all. I could travel, but I was so miserable on the plane. Oh well, life always have something to teach us, huh? Like how sometimes you just have to suck it up and drinks antibiotics when it’s absolutely needed. Thanks Levocin, paracetamol, fluimucy and the ganks. I will do a full med check up once I’m 100% healthy. – View on Path.

After an early flight, airplane ears, effective meetings, hearing good news from someone, and spreading smile to the entire kitchen population in sogo food hall… Finally got home and replaced all bedding sheets with a new freshly scented ones and got to be alone with these oleh-oleh for myself… ^^ – View on Path.

Thought via Path

Akhirnya sempet jg naik free taxi dari GrabTaxi… Dpt Gamya dlm 5 menit. Daerah tmpt gw ini rutenya free terus dan pasti ada driver krn dkt markasnya GrabTaxi kali ya. Taxinya bkn taxi abal-abal kok, krn cm ekspress, gamya, eagle ama taksiku kl ngga salah. Bluebird bakal nyusul abis gini katanya. – Read on Path.

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