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Friday is actually my worship time. I can sing my lungs out, lift up my hands, jump around, move around or do whatever I feel like on stage during practice. God often speaks to me during that time. Today He said that I don’t need to worry about the future.
“Yours will be the friendship and affection I need. To see my Father smiling on me. The only name that matters to me.” – Preview it on Path.

Thought via Path

Since this month, Indonesian no longer need to make visa to Columbia. Japan is planning to eliminate visa regulation for Indonesian starting June. Booking tiket? Transit in Japan otw to US is a good idea, and the visa fee can be used to stay in a hostel ^^ #travel – Read on Path.

These are 3 investees that have received funding from ANGIN (around $10k-$50k). Berry Kitchen started mid 2012, and approached GEPI ANGIN in June 2013. In Feb 2014 received $50k funding. Have interviewed Cynthia of Berry Kitchen earlier this month and finally met her fiancé, Ferry Tenka (one of Dis Dus co-founders that I interviewed along with Jason Lamuda when it was acquired by Groupon 2 years ago).

I have become Berry Kitchen’s customer (about 5 boxes and bento box) and I think they cook quite well and I can pick the lunch menu that I want while at the same time save up (it is only about Rp 28k/ box). at @america – View on Path.

Thought via Path

How to protect kids from sexual abuse? By giving basic safety knowledge on how to deal with people as soon as they enter school/ playground outside their home. Asking them about their day in the evening, tucking them to bed, changing their pajamas, reading to them are also good ways to get to know them. Kids have honest expressions, so even if they won’t say anything you would still know if something is wrong.

That case in J** probably happened several times, not once. It’s gang rape and it should be treated seriously. The kid would prob move abroad, carry on with the pain and grow up with some kind of weird sexual tendency. Or become impotent. Or become another molester. We never know, but he is not the same innocent kid anymore.

Child molesters and pedophiles are the worst criminals of all. – Read on Path.

Starting to update my soccer knowledge. Was a huge fan of the sport in 1994, but stopped when Baggio retired. However, still a big fan of World Cup. I think it’s the best and the most entertaining sport event. Really reeaally hope I can see this el capitán (y padre del niño) one more time this year. #WC2014 – View on Path.

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