We often come to that coffee shop to have a lunch meeting. Ordering the same stuff, seeking for the same exact spot, and leaving after making a “messy look” with all laptop cables and bags. But they always greet us by names and remember our orders. Today, I got a different art latte. It’s a monkey….or a cow. Lol. We would definitely come back for more. #hospitality – View on Path.

Found this at Bazaar Art today. The title is “King of Poop” *lol*

I think it’s the same guy who painted the wall inside Artotel. If not, then they both have the exact same style. I like it. Also saw Darbortz’s Rimowa suitcase for charity design. I’m so gonna buy that Germany luggage. It doesn’t use zippers and has double combination lock. #bazaarart at Bazaar Art Jakarta – View on Path.

Funny creature at #bazaarart #last day. This annual event is really nice and well-curated. A big city without art exhibitions would just be lame. #Jakarta, feed us with more #arts, please. at Bazaar Art Jakarta – View on Path.

Nice earthly decor. This kind of interior design makes you feel relaxed and surrounded by nature. With perfect lighting, it would be a really inspiring place to write or create ideas. #bazaarart – View on Path.

Some of the things found around the debris of #MH17. You will be remembered. Hopefully this will be a serious wake-up call for the company, the industry, and for the conflicted areas. Also, it’s amazing to see the pink bag remains as one piece :O – View on Path.

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