Welcome to a lovely Jakarta! Let’s spend the week to relax and do nothing but forgiving people.

For those who are mudik, safe travel & have a great family bonding. You surely would miss the best time in big durian! :p #Eidholiday – View on Path.

Note from an article on Forbes. Yup!! While that THR still in the bank and the paycheck has just been transferred, remember to pay yourself first. Save first, invest, then spend later. Just ask if you have question & I’ll try to help!

LiveOlive.com – View on Path.

We often come to that coffee shop to have a lunch meeting. Ordering the same stuff, seeking for the same exact spot, and leaving after making a “messy look” with all laptop cables and bags. But they always greet us by names and remember our orders. Today, I got a different art latte. It’s a monkey….or a cow. Lol. We would definitely come back for more. #hospitality – View on Path.

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